Friday, December 08, 2006

Blair is intolerable

I never was much of a fan of Tony Blair – but today’s speech doesn’t just take the biscuit, it takes the entire tin and hands it back with just half a custard cream with the cream licked off.

It is a shame that when Tony came to disrupt this year’s TUC with his reactionary drivel he didn’t pay attention to TUC policy on Islamophobia;

“Congress is anxious to counter the growing culture of Islamophobia as another manifestation of racism, which is borne out of a transatlantic agenda for the Middle East and the consequent terrorist atrocities of recent years. In the workplace the impact of this can be corrosive on relationships and it impacts on Asian communities as a whole. Fear and ignorance breeds prejudice and prejudice is undiscerning. Many innocent people suffer as a result. It is every bit as important that we combat racism, fear and prejudice as it is that we combat terrorism.”

Tolerance is what makes us British Blair says, therefore anyone arriving here must integrate (because if they won’t we won’t find that tolerable…?)

He wants to define "common values" all citizens are "expected to conform to".

It strikes me this bloke isn’t living up to our British values of tolerance – can’t we deport him somewhere?

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Anonymous said...

To be fair. I often agree with what Blair says on this issue but the way he comes out with it is often wrong. Yes people should respect our values but on the other hand we are not a centre left govnt in any position to just tell people to get back to where they came from. May not be racist but its all about perception.