Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lobby Camden Council against cuts!

I have just spoken to over 300 members of the Camden UNISON Branch at Camden Town Hall. I was pleased to follow John McDonnell MP, who was well received as he offered his support, as a UNISON member and Labour MP, to the branch - which faces over 300 job cuts.

I was down to speak on the pensions dispute (which I did) - the meeting went on to consider the cuts which Camden's new Tory/Liberal Council are pushing through. These are very severe attacks on public services, and I will post further details later.

Anyone who can get along to Camden Town Hall at 6pm tomorrow (Wednesday 13 December) should do so in order to support UNISON in lobbying the Council against cuts. Anyone reading this blog who works in Mabledon Place WC1 will know how easy it would be for them to get along...

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Jo said...

What's the point? The good people of Camden made their choice in last week's by election. May they reap what they have sown.