Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Local Government Pensions Strike...

So we are now two weeks in to formal consultation on the latest proposals for the Local Government Pension Scheme – season’s greetings from the Government I’m sure!

The Government are currently refusing to budge on the question of protecting the pension rights or current Scheme members – which was central to last March’s strike action.

Although the scheme includes some improvements for the future, these come at the price of increased contributions from employees – and, for current scheme members whose rights have not been protected this would mean paying more for less.

The emphasis on the UNISON website is on continuing negotiations. However, I understand that the Standing Orders Committee has given the green light for the Special Local Government Conference which was requisitioned by branches – and that the Service Group Executive, in local government at least, is likely to call for a fresh strike ballot.

Since we are not even being offered the inadequate level of protection offered in Scotland, UNISON members in England and Wales have little choice.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Jon you are missing the point.

"Protection" for what?

The point is simple - all existing members of the LGPS should get the increased [new] benefit of the 1/60 for their existing membership years in the Scheme, not the existing [poor] 1/80 benefits.

"Protection" is a nonsence word - we simply need equality. Year for year and day for day equivalency in the new scheme [at 1/60] for time earnt in the old.

Another Jon.

Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning of a concerted move by the government with the support of the public to make bureaucrats put logic and common sense before mindless rules.
With professor Wolframs proof that all rule based systems with more than 5 variables are fundementally flawed, either attitudes must change or you will be gone.
Look at the wider picture, if councils produce 3rd rate property against the wishes of their bosses, the public, and NHS bureaucrats can't see that it might be worth cleaning a dirty ward rather than meet mindless tagets then you have no future.