Monday, January 29, 2007

A terrible dream?

I must stop working so late.

I must have dropped off.

I had an awful dream in which I was a member of a trade union in which the unelected officials told the elected and accountable activists that they ought not to meet to discuss an important dispute - in the name of guidelines on Democracy!

In that dream world I also heard that there had been no effective lay oversight of the crucial leaflet issued to all members about proposals for the future of the Pension Scheme.

What a good job I am a member of a lay led trade union where such things could never happen.

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Anonymous said...

Its a disgrace that yet again unison have disregarded its members views and are using bureaucratic methods to stop branches discussing it - but we expect that!

What's even further than they've gone before though is issuing guidance without one lay member being consulted and completly bypassing one of the most senior elected lay members in the process - rules when it suits them.

(And I know they disregard your views every day Jon but that's cos your a trot this is 10 x worse!)