Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blair silent on privatisation debate?

Defending public services from privatisation is one of the major priorities of UNISON and the trade unions generally. It is disappointing that the advocates of privatisation are not always willing to engage in debate.

Long ago, when I was young and enthusiastic (well, October) I read what Tony Blair had to say about public service reform over at the Euston Manifesto website.

I made some criticisms of Blair’s arguments on this blog and agreed to those comments being posted in the “Social Democratic Futures” section of the Euston website, where my criticisms were rapidly joined by others, perhaps more temperate and better informed.

At the time – I am sure in good faith – the Euston Manifesto site were expecting that Blair would respond to the criticisms which were made of his arguments “in due course”. Surely he could have knocked something out while he was on holiday. It’s no good trying to interact with people in a “trendy” way by blogging and then failing to respond to criticism.

It would be nice to get a reply before the TUC lobby of Parliament on 23 January. Or perhaps there just are no good arguments to defend the Prime Minister’s point of view?

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