Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now what? (pay dispute)

Sorry to carry on with answers to questions that I have already asked, but I feel I should.

I have already asked; “what ought our objectives in this (national pay) dispute now to be and how shall we attempt to achieve them”?

The beginnings of an answer to this question are on my branch blog. We need to think further about strike action, political campaigning and all the various things which we can do to advance our cause.

We have a lot to do…

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Anonymous said...

I suppose the first objective is to identify how many thousand members we lost during those two days. I know of regions that have lost hundreds as well as the thousands who simply went to work. We should abandon national strikes which simply give the employers huge savings for little or no impact. Guerilla action playing to our strengths is the only way to fight these days, but given that only 27% of our members bothered to vote, we have to ask where are our members in this dispute.
Perhaps they want to go back to sleep like the NUT