Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Strike for Fair Pay

As of a little while ago I am on strike for 48 hours.

Lambeth being Lambeth we have already made an impact on the Royal Family!

I am as proud of our activists – who have been having the hard arguments with our members to go on strike – as I am irritated by the excuses for strike breaking which are always wheeled out.

For the moment – needing some rest before getting up for picket duty – all I shall say is good luck. Good luck to every striker and to every picket.

Our cause is just (and the case for action is persuasive) and we must prevail.

But – to be honest – there comes a point in a strike when nothing matters beyond the simple fact of choosing sides.

For the employers – or for the Union. For the bosses or for the workers.

I’m for the Union. I’m for the workers.

But if you have not yet worked that out then you have been mixing me up with someone else

Good luck to everyone reading this who is on strike.

And to anyone breaking the strike – shame on you!

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Anonymous said...

Once again Jon - you have hit the nail firmly on the head. For those of us who are union members - we must make a stand - do not cross the picket lines - and strike. If it wasn't for the unions, this country would be in an even bigger mess than it is.

I echo Jon's words: well done to those of you who have come out on strike - and shame, shame, shame on those who don't!!!!!