Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Policy Forum - back to business as usual?

Turning aside from the question of the Labour leadership for a moment, what about the debate on policies?

Was it a triumph for the unions at the Labour Party policy forum?

Or not?

If there is a keynote issue for UNISON then it is the defence of public services.

In relation to which we appear to have won warm platitudes in which to wrap the cold reality of continuing privatisation (except that it doesn’t matter because the manifesto on which agreement was being sought at Warwick will not inform the actions of a Government)(We have to now start looking at what the Tories are up to because that is who we are going to be up against nationally).

There has to be a better way to campaign for our objectives than failing to obtain significant concessions from the Party which will, at best, form Her Majesty’s Opposition after the next General Election.

Particularly since it is precisely our failure to achieve a significant leftward shift in the approach of the Government which risks a catastrophic defeat at the next election for the Party to which we are affiliated.

It is a good job that our Conference has told us to take a long hard look at the work of our political fund. If UNISON Labour Link was a branch of our Union it would be under regional supervision.

Can the complacency which reigns at Mabledon Place in relation to the inadequacy of our political work be overcome?

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Rab said...

Can you name Unison Reps who attended the NPF. According to reports no union reps voted for amendments to stop further privatisation of the NHS. If true, then our rep acted against union policy and should be disciplined, LOL, (or maybe witchhunted!)