Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a wet Wednesday at the TUC

This morning has started with Dianne Hayter addressing Congress on behalf of the Labour Party.

I thought for a moment she was going to go into a stand up routine when she praised the effectiveness of the current Labour Party NEC, but it turns out that instead she is hoping to lull Congress back to sleep.

She is reminding us of how bad things were under the Tories. I am sure this speech could have been given at every one of the last ten Congresses. Why not just show it to us as a video?

In common with almost every other delegate in the hall my mind is wandering.

I am remembering what I heard yesterday about the strange omission from the public services debate of a speaker from UNITE, whom it had agreed should have been called, but whom the TUC President did not call.

If I suggest that the speaker in question was a noted trade union blogger perhaps assiduous readers can guess who it was who was not called and speculate as to whether this was just an innocent cock up...

Looking up I see that Dianne Hayter is still speaking. That was ten minutes in which nothing at all was said.

We are now at least moving on to a debate - on the Equality Bill.

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