Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Climate Change

Congress has just unanimously agreed Composite 9 on Climate Change.

We're against it (climate change that is - not the composite motion).

Essentially we are asking for trade union involvement in the development of a socially just strategy for transition to a low carbon economy, backed up by a statutory role for trade union environmental representatives.

This is very worthy.

However there is another climate that needs to change and that is the climate of complacency at the top of our movement.

The climate in too many workplaces is hostile to trade unions and workers' rights - the next General Election seems unlikely to make it any better (to say the least!)

Matt Wrack of the FBU is currently moving Motion 35 addressing the challenges for public servants from the flooding we have seen in recent years. Matt was also a speaker last night at the launch of the Trade Union Coordinating Group.

That Group seems to be a valid attempt to break from the complacent consensus and to face up honestly to the political weakness and isolation of our union movement (and then to do something about it).

I'll blog a considered report of last night's fringe meeting at which the Group was launched when I get a chance.

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