Sunday, September 07, 2008

TUC Delegation meeting

We have started the meeting with a discussion about Motion 5 from the POA.

The position of the Policy Committee is to oppose this motion which calls for a series of General Strikes against the anti-union laws.

It is difficult to see that this could readily be achieved. However both myself and Glenn Kelly argued that we should put up a speaker to express support and solidarity for the POA. This was not agreed as the Chair of Policy said that the POA were in no doubt about how UNISON supported them.

The only other argument was about a POA amendment to the good Composite 15 on public sector pay which sought to add the word "strike" to a call for days of action.

I queried the grounds on which we were opposing this amendment, as the Chair of Policy said that it would be "illegal" for the General Council of the TUC to call for strike action. This reason is simply wrong since the General Council clearly could call for a strike, though affiliated unions would be acting unlawfully in responding to that call if they did not do so in line with legal requirements.

The Chair of Policy told the meeting that all the other Unions involved in the composite had already agreed to oppose the POA amendment.

The meeting has taken all of half an hour.

Intriguingly we are having a joint reception between UNISON and the GMB. It'll be joint industrial action next...

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Anonymous said...

who is the Chair of Policy and what world do they live in?

Are all the Trade Unions just in it for themselves..enjoying the gravy food and kudos being at another conference!

What hope is there for the workers.....TUC should have been launching news of concerted action from all the Trade Unions......there again who am I just a union member...what do I know?