Monday, September 28, 2009

Labour Against the War

The annual Labour Party Conference fringe meeting of Labour Against the War was as good as ever in terms of the contributions from the platform (if not in the attendance this year).

Christine Shawcroft exposed very effectively the stitching up of contributions at Conference, Milan Rai argued persuasively that New Labour foreign policy has been lawless and subordinate to the USA and Jeremy Corbyn (rightly introduced by the Chair, Alan Simpson, as the best Foreign Secretary we have never had) reminded us that Labour Governments generally have had a very poor record on international issues.

There can be little doubt that amongst the many terrible and stupid things that have been done by the shower who have been running the Labour Party into the ground in recent years, the support for bloody imperialist wars stands out as the most damaging of betrayals.

I got involved in politics not just because I am Labour but also because I am against war and for peace. New Labour warmongering has certainly been the worst element of the past decade and has lost us so many members (and if it won us any they have not been worth having).

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