Sunday, September 13, 2009

TUC online

For those of you online but not at Congress you can now have your say at the new Congress Voices site which is well worth a visit.

Another recent addition to the blogosphere is UNISON Active which has impressive energy (and a quite witty preview of the TUC) but is a little bit anonymous for my tastes (I always worry when I read that something in UNISON is from a "progressive left" perspective as that is sometimes a coded reference to the sharpening of ice-picks, which is all just so last century!)

Come on UNISON activists - put your names to your blog posts and let's have open debate and discussion around the many important topics you are rightly highlighting :-)


John said...

Cheers Jon. The link is if anyone wants to check out more blogs, tweets and comments about Congress (Blogger has meddled your link about a bit there). See you in Liverpool!

Anonymous said...

Left Progressive ? always a cover for right wing bile.coverage of Liver pool TUC Rally is appalling total rewrite of history in terms of labour and its representation.