Monday, September 28, 2009

Rage Against New Labour?

I myself found the weather today just too nice to manage "rage" against New Labour - given the heat I preferred icy contempt for the disgraceful creatures who are in charge of this reactionary Government.

For a good report (with pictures of the demo) visit HarpyMarx.

The tragedy of our politics (and of the total failure to date of the trade unions to address the crisis of representation of our class) is that - as was pointed out at the Labour Against the War fringe - it was precisely the ancestors of the progressive protesters outside this year's Labour Party Conference who constituted the social forces that created the Party in the first place.

For their betrayal of the aspirations of our founders, perhaps New Labour do deserve our rage - but maybe we should be tough not only on New Labour but also on the causes of New Labour?

Update (later) on Monday morning - there is a good report of the demonstration in today's Morning Star.

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