Monday, February 08, 2010

Anonymous attacks upon UNISON activists from tedious sycophants?

Regular readers of this blog (Sid and Doris Union-Blogger) will know that I am rarely impressed with those who blog (or indeed comment) anonymously.

It is a shame that so much of what is sometimes a quite well written little blog (Unison Active) is anonymous - and it does make me wonder whether some of the "Unison activist" bloggers are perhaps in fact employees of the Union.

Certainly a recent vitriolic attack upon the three rank and file challengers for the position of General Secretary does reinforce the cynical view that the blog was set up to support Unison's establishment come what may.

I get some stick for being openly critical of the Union leadership (and fair enough) but I don't sink to the level of personal attacks which you would expect to find in the playground (or on the Unison Active blog).

I don't accept the counsel of despair which says that a rank and file worker cannot aspire to be the General Secretary of a trade union. Mark Serwotka seems to do a pretty good job.

Nor do I think that the campaign for the re-election of our General Secretary is being carried forward on a wave of sheer enthusiasm - not when many of those expressing their heartfelt support know more than they are saying about why there was such a delay in agreeing the timetable for the election.

Now is not the time for loyalty to UNISON to prevent us from voicing legitimate criticisms of shortcomings in the Union. Nor is now the time for rank and file workers to shut up, know our place and tug our forelocks to the staff we employ (even if some of them have taken to blogging anonymously and attacking lay activists who have the temerity to believe that they could lead our Union).


Anonymous said...

I personally am pleased Holmes is the opposition candidate. It should ensure a clear Prentis win.
I know him of old. He is incapable of dealing with change.Would not accept UNISON rule book in early days. Thinks he is a superior being. Will not be able to deal with the economic crisis which will get worse and worse.
He will command no respect despite having a photo of himself on a picket line on his facebook account.
Middle class git.
Joe Hill

Anonymous said...

you seem to have gone stark raving mad!
SEIU are the enemy of our union
I dont give a toss about Prentis, its just the poor quality of amateurs who put up against him.
Dont know anything about 'total place'
What are you on about?
Joe Hill

Anonymous said...

interesting point about UNISON Active blog -looking at the Jan 8 page re recruitment it certainly sounds like it is written by staff -with a reminder that 'we must not forget that they
(ie activists) are volunteers'. Of course I may be misreading it? Surely seeking nomination for the GS position is open to any UNISON member - it seems bizarre that so much angst is expressed about members daring to put themselves forward. But it is sad that there are no women coming forward. kat