Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hear no witch hunt; see no witch hunt; speak no witch hunt

This morning it was my honour to attend a lobby to express support for excellent trade unionists facing disciplinary sanctions out of all proportion to their alleged misdeeds.

Most unfortunately these sanctions have been imposed not by the employers but by our own trade union.

I have blogged in detail about this problem recently enough ( and won't therefore go on at length.

However it is worth saying that you don't have to share the politics of victims of misuse of our disciplinary procedure in order to believe that they are entitled to justice.

And that fine trade unionists such as Brian Debus, Onay Kasab, Glenn Kelly and Suzanne Muna deserve to be respected rather than castigated.

Anyone would think that our leadership were confused and disoriented politically and therefore driven by fear and venom to castigate, isolate and demonise those whom they perceive as opponents.

Surely not.

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