Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pay freeze threat to national bargaining?

Today's NEC meeting received a full report from National Secretary, Heather Wakefield, on the employers' proposals for a pay freeze for UK local government workers.

The Union has written to Councillors and MPs. Regions will be able to publicise to branches the replies we receive so that before we cast our votes in local or national elections we know the stance adopted by candidates on the pay freeze.

Interestingly the General Secretary intervened to express the view that we need to campaign around the issues of pay, jobs and pensions. This is the approach which PCS have adopted to mobilise members to take national action and I hope Unison will try to learn from this example.

Worryingly there were reports from Yorkshire of a threat to national pay bargaining - coming from employers who want to offer a pay rise and oppose the pay freeze!

In a strong defence of national bargaining, Paul Holmes made the point that Unison must rise to the challenge of defending national bargaining by making it work for our members.

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Anonymous said...

Curious that Mr.Holmes was so vigorous today in defence of national bargaining, but was quite positive about local bargaining in the NJC just last week.