Friday, May 28, 2010

How not to fight the BNP (part one)

I missed the start of today's meeting of the Regional Local Government Executive and therefore the congratulations to our member had been elected to Barking and Dagenham Council (, knocking out a sitting BNP Councillor.

I was still there though for any other business and hence the news that she has resigned as a Councillor (

There will now have to be an election in Goresbrook ward, previously represented by BNP GLA member, Richard Barnbrook.

I shall not comment except to observe that it is unfortunate that a further election should have to take place so very soon after the BNP were wiped off the Council. The reasons why working class voters rejected the far right on 6 May still apply and we must work to ensure that they lead to the same consequence.

Were I - or another socialist critic of the leadership - to have stood down in such circumstances I - or they - would expect to be vilified within our Union.

I prefer not to do vilification. I will stick with disappointment.

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