Sunday, May 09, 2010

Londoners have not voted for cuts in local government services

Dave Hill's Grauniad blog gives a good overview of the local election results in London which showed a surge in support for Labour.

Whilst it is great to note the smashing of the racist British National Party in East London, the story across the whole city is that London's working class voted against the Tories - and in favour of Labour local authorities to defend services from a widely anticipated Tory Government.

The point made by Dave Prentis nationally applies with particular force in London. There is no compelling macroeconomic case for big reductions in public spending (whether or on "front line" services or "back office functions" - the deflationary impact of spending cuts is the same!) - nor is there political support from local communities for cuts in spending.

UNISON activists need to build links with community groups and service users and put pressure on Labour politicians in particular to stand alongside our communities to defend our services.

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