Monday, May 10, 2010

Their Master's Voice

As the bosses' parties keep talking the bosses themselves have issued their instructions (

The CBI say that our elected politicians don't need to panic about forming a coalition but need to get on with it.

Who asked them?

What is it about making money from the labour of others that makes "business leaders" feel their opinions should be listened to?

I hope Labour politicians will listen to the views of workers and local communities as assiduously as the Tories and Liberals will do the bidding of big business.

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Anonymous said...

True but there should be concern at those who we trust turning on us.

The Labour Government barely deserves the support of the Labour Party, the Party barely deserves the support of the unions and none of us deserve the support of those people who despite all came and voted for us this time. But push comes to shove in politics sometimes and these are the defining moments for anyone involved. People rallied to Labour when it became clear we were fighting in part for the very idea of a party of ordinary people not bought by millionaires or sold to the media agenda. When it became clear that this was a fight against the hectoring middle class who want a Tory government to protect them from the likes of us with private health and private schools in their gated housing estates. When it became clear that the Tories stand not for the Big Society but for the Two Societies: the haves and the have nots. As they always did.

Push came to shove last Thursday and Billy Bragg didn't stand with those of us trying to build a better world. He stood with the Tangerine Tories instead. The guys who are falling over themselves this weekend to sell out the manifesto Billy loved so much in return for a space for their own snouts in the Tory trough. Many people Billy has inspired and influenced over the years stand to lose once the Liberals open the doors to power for the Tories. We will pay the debts of the city bankers sunning themselevs on the beaches of Belize with our jobs, our wages, our tax credits, our paid holidays and the futures of our children.

Its right and proper that Billy is remembered by Labour supporters and union members now for this betrayal more than his past songs and solidarity.

"Which side are you on?" I think Billy has decided.