Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moving forward in unity - our leaders will be right behind us!

Dave Prentis has announced to the Unison delegation meeting that we will be providing leadership this week, in keeping with our position as "probably" the largest union in the TUC.

Dave called for unity, which seems a good plan for trade unions facing attacks unprecedented for decades. This unity is reflected in the fact that - with one exception - Unison will be supporting all the motions in the Final Agenda (in some cases with qualifications). The exception is a motion from NAPO which criticises OFSTED (about which no decision has been taken and constructive discussions were reported to be taking place). It seems that UNISON will be voting for everything this week.

Dave reported on forthcoming events, including the ETUC Day of Action on 29 September, the lobby of Parliament on 19 October and the associated Regional activities.

In Scotland - which is a nation not a Region - the STUC are of course organising a national demonstration on 23 October. Unfortunately our UK wide leadership will be concentrating, for the time being on "supporting and encouraging" our Regions to co-ordinate resistance to the ConDems.

With luck, the unity and determination which will be shown, not just at Congress but in the rank and file action which will increasingly be taken against the cuts, will give our leaders the confidence rapidly to shift from "supporting and encouraging" to leading.

We need to be led from the front now, as well as in the spring.

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