Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now is the Michaelmas of our discontent?

In Spain today's ETUC Day of Action sees a General Strike - we're not quite there yet in this country...

Today will be the first opportunity to judge whether we are heading for an autumn of discontent or a winter of despair (possibly by way of a Michaelmas of missed opportunities).

The optimism of my will says that this will be the beginning of a fight back against the Government of Millionaires by the millions whose jobs and services are at risk, led by our trade unions.

Details of activities being undertaken by UNISON are available online at


In Lambeth our contribution to this Day of Action will be a lobby of the Annual General Meeting of Lambeth Living, the Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) which is proposing large scale redundancies of front line staff whilst creating more higher paid jobs. UNISON is opposing these proposals.


The lobby is taking place from 4.30pm at the Stockwell YMCA, Stockwell Road. (This is a little late in the day for a lunchtime protest I know, but it's for those who prefer a late lunch!)

Lambeth's Labour group could take a pragmatic and progressive step to protect public services by closing the ALMO and bringing the housing service back in-house.

Labour politicians in positions of authority will increasingly have to choose sides between the ConDem coalition and the resistance which will be spearheaded by the labour movement.

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