Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saturday 30 October in Brixton - Lambeth will unite against cuts to save our services

Having spent yesterday evening at a meeting against cuts in Chelmsford, today found me at a planning meeting in Brixton with similar intent.

This evening's Save Our Services meeting, joined constructively by some of the organisers of this month's "Lambeth United against the cuts" meeting settled, after a thorough discussion upon 30 October as the date for a major local demonstration in defence of public services and in opposition to cuts.

I thought we were right to avoid a clash with the Regional trade union events on 23 October - and it was to the credit of those who had preferred the earlier date that they committed themselves to building the 30 October demonstration once the date had been agreed.

It must be right to take an early opportunity to bring people out onto the streets of Brixton in response to the Comprehensive Spending Review - and I hope that this call for a demonstration which does not clash with the SERTUC rally can now also win the support of the Trades Council.

There were several Labour Party members at tonight's meeting - and I hope that Labour Councillors too will want to join a protest at the assault upon our class by the ConDems.

We need a united front in opposition to cuts in public spending. The call for a demonstration in Brixton on 30 October now provides a practical task around which we can unite in order to forge the unity that will be required in the months and years ahead.

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