Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pensions "summit" and the need for unity

Those attending today's Pensions "summit" at UNISON HQ should be guided by the statement put before UNISON Conference by our NEC four weeks ago;

"In the weeks ahead though every member must be made aware of the severity of the issues that face us, and the union must step up a gear in preparing for industrial action, to ensure that the 1.2 million members who will be balloted will participate, and will vote positively for industrial action. We must ensure that members are involved and fully understand what is at stake, to ensure we deliver a high turnout in any ballot and deliver a resounding yes vote for industrial action."

To win the ballot - and the battle - we'll need unity across the whole public sector, not just across health and local government. If we put sectoral considerations ahead of the need for unity we will all be poorer in the years ahead.

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