Thursday, July 07, 2011

UNISON needs to act on pensions - lobby the NEC next Wednesday!

Our General Secretary, Dave Prentis issued a "call to arms" at our National Delegate Conference, and made clear our support for our sister unions' action last week.

Next week our newly elected National Executive Council meets - we need to step up preparations for united strike action across the public sector as a whole.

We need to be alive to the danger of "divide and rule" tactics from the Government. UNISON in particular, and our leadership most of all, have an obligation to inspire confidence across the movement that we will rise to the challenge which we face.

UNISON members can show our leaders that we will support the call to arms by attending a lobby of the NEC on Wednesday 13 July at 8.30am outside 130 Euston Road to show support for the setting of a timetable for action.

Any UNISON member who can get along to support our Union's fight for our pensions - I'll see you there!

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