Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The biennial dance of the Committees and the Magnificent Sevens

As is customary, the first full meeting of the newly elected National Executive Council (NEC) of UNISON split into its various Committees in order to elect the Chairs and Vice-Chairs, who act, between meetings, with the authority of the NEC.

The President announced, before we split up, that hustings would not be permitted, but that the Presidential team would review this and hustings might be permitted - in 2013... ("Name the Day" I say!)

Sue Highton was re-elected unopposed as Chair of the Development and Organisation Committee, with Mark Clifford winning the position of Vice-Chair with nine votes against seven (of whom I was one) who voted for Moz Greenshields (who had asked for hustings).

Jane Carolan and Steve Warwick were re-elected as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Policy Committee defeating challengers, Helen Davies and April Ashley.

The Chairs of the other strategic Committees remain as they were. Former President, Angela Lynes, remains Chair of the Industrial Action Committee with Lucia McKeevor as Vice-Chair, defeating a challenge from veteran NEC member (and former Vice-Chair of the Committee) Roger Bannister, who garnered seven votes.

Congratulations to all those elected.

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nick venedi said...


Did you ot get on the industrial action committee? (I think we have one) you could be good on that?