Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to the future in union-bashing Barnet

My thoughts are with comrades in UNISON's Barnet branch taking action today (http://www.barnetunison.me.uk/).

The branch has stepped up its long running official dispute with the privatisation-mad Tory Council, who have responded with a "lock-out"!

Workers called upon to take a half-day strike from 1pm today are to be confronted by managers and required to sign a document promising not to strike, or face being sent home for the whole day.

Barnet Council have obviously been reaching into the history books in support of their desire to restore nineteenth-century governance arrangements for the provision of public services - the signing of a notorious anti-union "document" was a key tactic employed against the Grand National Consolidated Trade Union (GNCTU) in the 1830s (http://www.historyhome.co.uk/peel/trade-us/document.htm).

Angry UNISON members need to face down the bully boy tactics of Tories intent on ripping up our Welfare state and destroying local government - and I hope many London UNISON branches will join Barnet at the lobby of Hendon Town Hall at 5.30 this afternoon.

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