Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hang on, don't I recognise you?

Congratulations to UNISON's Plymouth local government branch, and to all the officials nationally and in the South West Region who have secured the (re)recognition of UNISON by Plymouth Council (

Trade union recognition is the cornerstone of sensible employee relations - and the basis of a raft of legal rights for workers and their representatives.

With a Government more reactionary than any in the last century intent upon rolling back the social gains of generations we cannot rule out that other employers may follow Plymouth's earlier error in the hope of neutralising organised opposition.

But they need to know that the response they will face from our movement will make the foolish tactic of derecognition more trouble than it's worth.

For our side, we need to seize the opportunity of the coming pensions fight to raise our membership density in every employer so that employers know that derecognition will be a futile fight against the majority of their workers.

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