Saturday, April 28, 2012

Support for 10 May pensions strike grows

Lecturers' union, UCU, are joining the pensions strike on 10 May ( With the Scottish Government offering further talks on health service pensions (following industrial action by UNISON) it is clear that further strike action can improve the pensions offer to public servants.

The question facing UNISON members south of Hadrian's Wall is whether we shall be any part of the fight that still needs to be had.

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Paul Cooney said...

On 1st October 2011, 1300 NHS staff transferred to a private social enterprise under TCS. They still remain part of the NHS pension scheme and were ballotted for the N30 strike. Members amongst them did not get ballots this time as London Unison HQ didn't include them. How many others who have been transferred over the last year under TCS and other schemes have been disenfranchised?