Thursday, April 26, 2012

TUC - name the day for the demonstration!

I was pleased to see yesterday's news that our General Secretary is calling on the TUC to organise a massive demonstration against the policies of the Coalition Government (

To quote the UNISON press release; "The huge demonstration will bring together an alternative coalition opposed to the government's damaging policies including, public spending cuts, heavy job losses, damaging privatisation and the unfair pay freeze."

It is absolutely the case that such an alternative coalition needs to be built out of the elements of opposition to particular attacks, and the responsibility for doing this plainly lies with the TUC. This can certainly be an important part of the "high profile campaign against privatisation" for which Moz Greenshields was calling in Tuesday's Morning Star (

Few activists are more cynical than I or more ready to criticise our leaders from time to time. However, when we are offered positive leadership we need to respond positively. The TUC need now to name the day for the demonstration in response to the positive call from Dave Prentis and activists need to get organising.

This time, unlike 26 March 2011, we need to see what must be the largest trade union demonstration in UK history not only as the culmination of the months of effort which must begin now, but also as a springboard for a continuous fightback against the privatisation policies of the Government of millionaires.

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