Sunday, April 01, 2012

UNISON's best April Fool?

A letter circulating in at least one Region, addressed to UNISON Health Branches, in connection with the forthcoming ballot on the Government's miserable "final offer" on the NHS Pension Scheme includes the following text;

"The SGE on 21 March, having overwhelmingly rejected a call that the union campaign against the proposals, decided to recommend to members that the offer is the best that can be achieved by negotiation.
This is SGE policy and it has been confirmed that it is NOT permissible for union resources to be used to campaign for rejection."

I am in awe of this elegant parody of the sort of correspondence which would be issued if our union were determined to deliver acceptance of a pension scheme which ensures that our members work longer and pay more to get less.

I am sure that the real letter, encouraging our branches to ensure that our members have access to all information and to more than one point of view so that we maximise the informed participation by members in this vital ballot, will be issued shortly.

In the mean time, though (and at least until noon today) full marks to those responsible for the April Fool's joke :)

(Because, of Course, our National Delegate Conference, in 2008, affirmed "the right of UNISON members, branches and other appropriate representative bodies to make and campaign within Rule for recommendations in member ballots.")

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