Thursday, August 09, 2012

One month to Congress

The Policy Committee of UNISON's National Executive Council will today meet to agree amendments to submit to motions on the Preliminary Agenda for September's Annual Trades Union Congress (

Congress will take place, starting one month from today, as we approach the half way point of the first (and, I hope, last) term of a Coalition Government which has taken an axe to jobs, services and the rights of workers and our unions on a scale which is unprecedented in my lifetime.

We've had one massive demonstration on 26 March last year (and I we'll do that again on 20 October) - and UNISON in particular flexed our muscles in defence of pensions last 30 November. However, a frank assessment of what we have achieved nationally, through our trade unions or the Labour Party, to protect working people from this Government since 2010 could not be positive.

The challenge which will confront delegates at Congress will be to find a way to mobilise our millions against the Government of millionaires in a way which goes beyond token or symbolic action, and which has a material impact to limit their constant attacks upon our members and communities.

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