Thursday, August 09, 2012

Solidarity with the Olympic strike for a living wage

Visitors to London over the next couple of days of the Olympics may find parking in the London Borough of Camden less financially risky, as enforcement staff employed by private contractor NSL embark upon three further days of strike action in their important fight for the London Living Wage (

The workers, who are paid just £8.09 an hour for what is a difficult and stressful job, took industrial action on 11th & 12th July in furtherance of their claim for a living wage and better terms and conditions. They intend to repeat this well-supported action on 9th, 10th and 11th August to get NSL to see sense and ensure that the employees who help generate NSL's massive profits get a decent wage.

The link above includes details of picket lines which Londoners (or Olympic visitors) can get to to show support.

This dispute is strategically significant for the trade union movement in London and beyond and is an important opportunity further to develop the fight for a living wage.

Parking enforcement has been a sector of the economy marked by gross exploitation of marginalised workers, and some horrendous employment practices. Through slow, patient dedication union branches like Camden UNISON have helped workers to organise to the point at which this fight back is now possible.

Every trade unionist must want this strike to succeed.

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