Tuesday, September 02, 2014

NHS marchers remind us what is needed


UNISON's support for the Peoples' March to save the National Health Service wisely focuses our attention on the desperate vandalism of the Coalition Government as it approaches its demise.

Cameron and Clegg have done more damage to what remains of our welfare state than any previous Government - and our President was right to highlight, in addressing the marchers, the latest current outrages.

If we want to imagine a twenty first century health service entirely run by and for the private sector we need look no further than ‎social care, where contractors trying to squeeze profits out of already inadequate funding offer zero hours contracts with no payment for travel time.

If we are‎ to avert this future for our health service we need to fight for a social care sector based upon caring values rather than commercial contracts. To do this requires both union organisation and a more favourable context. That context requires both a change of Government and a Labour Party which rediscovers a belief in public service and the public sector.

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