Monday, September 08, 2014

Solidarity with “Your Choice Barnet” (YCB) care workers

UNISON members employed by "Your Choice Barnet" are striking today in opposition to the imposition of pay cuts caused by outsourcing and underfunding.

The Barnet strikers are setting an example to social care workers throughout the country. Without a concerted fight for decent living standards for care workers we face a future in which social care remains a sector dominated by poverty pay and precarious employment.

UNISON members should send messages of support - and join the picket lines if you can.

Good luck comrades!

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treborc said...

I hope they win really do care workers and family carers are my life line to my world, in which I try to live I've watched them thrown out by both labour and the Tories now in my area of Wales they are being told your being given zero hour contracts in which your not paid travelling time. Somebody needs to take this to a tribunal most carers spend longer in cars travelling then working, this is abuse.

I back this strike of course I do totally.

Anonymous said...

I fear that UNISON's policy of one day strikes followed by dead silence from the leadership for months afterwards will always result in (a) very low turnouts in ballots and (b) one-day strikes which are supported less enthusiastically than they should be. A vast amount of energy is wasted on something that is bound to fail. And every time it fails the next time gets harder.

Anonymous said...

sorry for saying that, but it's true