Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UNISON Active and activists

Some well intentioned souls have kept a blog going (albeit mostly anonymously) nearly as long as I have been bothering you here.

I’ve appreciated sincere flattery for a long time and – in particular – admire their regular publication of poetry. I simply can’t compete.

If we’re going to build the union we need for the twenty-first century then we’ll need skilful use of social media and “t’intraweb” – therefore we need to use the skills even of those who want to be members of a fan club. Except that we need them to get into building the Union (rather than advertising their political allegiance within that union).

I admire the genuine political organisation which inspires the authors of the anonymous blog. 

However the hundreds of thousands of members of our trade union need a rather more sophisticated analysis than that which is offered by those whose only knowledge appears to be that they must be loyal come what may.

UNISON’s leadership has led us to the point at which we now find ourselves. We don’t have to be grateful. They weren’t right (an alternative was offered).

Those of us who understand that the trade union must uncompromisingly be the expression of the class independence of workers (as opposed to the interests of employers) have a serious job of work on our hands. There is a struggle going on of which we must be part.

I reflect that I always wait for those who call themselves “activists” to join the struggle.

Hurry up.

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