Monday, October 13, 2014

Local Government Pay - the missing link...

Health workers who are being encouraged to campaign for fair pay can read on the UNISON website how much the pay freeze has made them worse off by using our pay calculator.

Until very recently the same facility was available for local government workers – and branches such as West Sussexquite properly and admirably linked to the calculator on their websites as they campaigned as the national union was encouraging them to, for members to take action on 14 October.

Just now though – if you follow the linkthe local government pay calculator it appears to be broken.

I’m sure that this is just due to some Gremlins (perhaps someone fed them after midnight?)

After all, our Union would not be so disrespectful of our own members as to take down such a pay calculator precisely at the point in time at which, having suspended strike action, we are about to consult our members on a set of pay proposals which have faced widespread opposition.

That would be unthinkable.

I look forward to blogging about the restoration of this missing link!

Update at 16.26 - I am pleased to report that the calculator is back online (see the comments on this post). As I am not slow to criticise I won't be slow to thank colleagues at the UNISON Centre for the speed with which this has been sorted out.

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