Monday, January 26, 2015

An alternative to austerity

Greece may have just elected an anti-austerity Government, but in the UK we have rather fewer Parliamentarians prepared to commit to oppose the "shrink the state" dogma which dominates the rest of Europe.

It is - therefore - welcome that fifteen of our Labour MPs have nailed their colours to the anti-austerity mast with the statement linked to above. Those in a position to do so should lose no opportunity to articulate the viable alternative to today's politics of despair.

‎The politics of austerity, to which Eds Miliband and Balls have committed our Party, drive the economy down - whereas investment in productive capacity and public services would generate income from which debt could be repaid.

This sensible alternative - which is reflected in the policies of our trade unions - is that advocated by the 15 left-wing MPs in the statement above. Trade unionists need to educate ourselves so that we understand why cutting public services is NOT the answer to deficit and debt, can explain this to our members and lobby the politicians whose views we need to change.

The Left platform being organised by John McDonnell, MP, on Saturday 7 February in London is a timely opportunity to develop our arguments for an alternative to austerity.

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