Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Solidarity with Charlotte Monro


Former Chair of Waltham Forest Health branch, Charlotte Monro, is in the employment tribunal this week pursuing her claim for unfair dismissal for having been dismissed for her trade union activity.

Last year's UNISON National Delegate Conference agreed a motion from ‎London Metropolitan University branch affirming the support which UNISON must continue to give to victimised activists.

Episodes of victimisation do not arise primarily from the malice of individual employers (though this can be a factor) nor from the particular excuses which such employers find to justify themselves (though activists have always to be as cautious as possible).

Victimisation intensifies‎ at a time when employers are under pressure to cut or privatise jobs and services. In these circumstances, the trade union can (and should) be an obstacle to these detrimental changes - and managers can seek to remove the more persistent of such obstacles.

Independent trade unionism - giving voice to the interests of workers (which are separate from, different to and quite often in conflict with those of employers) - is the only effective guarantee of dignity and justice in the workplace, and that guarantee is worthless when employers can get away with victimising activists.

All UNISON members - and all trade unionists - should send solidarity to Charlotte Monro, whose case shows the foolishness of those who believe in partnership and collaboration with employers.

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