Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Civil service trade unionism under attack - public service trade unionists should respond

The Tories (supported by their Lib Dem hangers on) are rehearsing - in the civil service - for the onslaught they intend to unleash upon all public sector trade unionists should the electorate leave them in charge of 10 Downing Street this year.

The removal of "check-off" (the efficient and well-established process whereby union subscriptions are deducted from pay) seeks to starve the union of resources and divert union activists from all other work into ensuring the union's survival. At the same time management in Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs have been exposed actively trying to undermine the union.

It would be a serious error to think that this could not happen elsewhere - indeed everywhere - in the public sector under a Government with sufficient determination.

I once witnessed the General Secretaries of UNISON and PCS jointly signing an agreement on working together. 

That came to nothing - but it is not too late for UNISON to mobilise our members in support of our civil service colleagues.


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