Monday, February 08, 2016

Come to the big workplace meeting (in your workplace)

On Tuesday 9 February, as part of the strangely-titled “heart unions” week, the TUC will be staging a big workplace meeting, which we can all access online.
Although you may need to use your own device if your employer (like mine) blocks live streaming of videos over their network.
The point of the week is to highlight the threat which the Trade Union Bill poses, not just to our trade unions but to our human and civil rights.
Stronger trade unions are good for equality, good for health and safety and union members earn more than non-members.
Not only do we need to get this message across to the three quarters of workers in the UK who are not union members – we also need to engage more effectively with our members to develop informed and assertive rank and file activism.

I hope the big workplace meeting contributes to these objectives.

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