Wednesday, February 03, 2016

National Executive Council report to Regional Council AGM

‎I was very pleased to move (very briefly as I still have an impressive cough) a report from National Executive Council (NEC) members to the Annual General Meeting of UNISON's Greater London Regional Council this morning.

There had been an earlier misunderstanding, in that the report circulated before the meeting to delegates had been edited without the agreement of its authors.

The Regional Convenor had subsequently agreed to table the full report, which meant I did not have to warn delegates that this was something which had been obtained unofficially, which they had not seen and ought not to hand out.

I was therefore happy to move the report and to give the Convenor some special chocolate biscuits to express that pleasure and gratitude.

As always, if any UNISON members in the Greater London Region would like to ask any questions about the work of our NEC - please get in touch!

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