Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Fewer questions than answers?

Today saw the Annual General Meeting of the Greater London Regional Council of UNISON.

The meeting was noteworthy for the absence of the Regional Secretary, whose colleague from the Eastern Region ably filled in.

(It's worth reflecting that, since the Eastern Region is piloting an important organisational initiative for the Union, the unanticipated opportunity to share with a neighbouring Region is something which we in London could usefully make the most of).

The meeting was advised, quite correctly, on more than one occasion, that it ought not to discuss an investigation which is currently underway within the Union.

However, one delegate wanted the opportunity to ask a question of our guest speaker, UNISON's President Wendy Nichols, about her view as to the propriety of an email circulated on her behalf before Christmas which appeared (to that delegate) to have breached the spirit of the advice given to the Regional Council about not commenting upon an investigation whilst it is underway.

The Convenor therefore asked the meeting to vote on the question of whether or not questions should be put to the President. The meeting decided, by 65 votes to 64, that no questions should be asked.

The question was never asked and therefore could not be answered, but that was a democratic decision and those present respected it and moved on. 

‎I'll blog further about the rest of the meeting in due course.

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