Saturday, June 25, 2016

Defend Corbyn

I guess it is up to the relatively inexperienced team around the Labour Leader whether he can show the determination to defend socialism which can only now be shown by demanding a confidence vote of the whole membership.

If, dear reader, you are a Labour Party member then you must support Jeremy Corbyn (unless you are pond slime). You must contact your Labour MP (if you have one) and sit on their throat until they pledge unequivocal support for the Leader elected by an overwhelming majority of the membership.

And if you are not a Labour Party member then - if you consider yourself to be a socialist - now is the time for you to join to support Corbyn. 

It is quite simply impossible effectively to support Jeremy Corbyn if your membership of the Socialist Workers Party, or the Socialist Party of England and Wales, or the Communist Party of Britain (or any other tiny sect) stands in the way of your application for Labour Party membership.

‎Right now the only important matter for socialists is to defend Corbyn. Without that we don't need to argue who was right about the EU.  We don't need to argue about anything else.

This country is in the throes of an upsurge of the racist politics of the xenophobic right (who have triumphed in the refrendum) ‎and the ONLY small hope we have is that, for the first time in decades, the Labour Party is led by someone who really believes in Labour values.

We must defend Corbyn.

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