Monday, February 05, 2007

So, was it a good deal between the T&G and BA?

I blogged a while back asking if anyone could point me in the direction of a site where I could see what cabin crew in the TGWU employed by British Airways made of the settlement of the recent dispute.

The TGWU website is unequivocal and quotes several newspapers in support of the Union’s claim that the settlement is a good one.

Perhaps it is because the Indy isn’t quoted that they have today run a story suggesting that not all members are happy with the settlement. Only members may access the website of the TGWU section representing BA members – so I have no idea whether or not to believe the report in the Independent. Comments can be found in the blogosphere here and here. (The latter link comes with a health warning as it is a libertarian/anarchist site with a fair amount of ill-informed anti-union ranting…)

We need more opportunities for debate between rank and file members of different trade unions if activists in one union are to have a real understanding of what is going on in another, which is why I was so pleased when the RMT sponsored the launch of the new National Shop Stewards Network. Without an organised rank and file movement across the various trade unions we will never mobilise our collective strength as effectively as we might.

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