Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Women with children worst off at work - official

It may be a statement of the obvious that mothers of young children face extreme workplace discrimination and disadvantage – this certainly rings true from my own experience of representing workers over 20 years. In spite of all the hype about family friendly policies and work-life balance, managers are often unenthusiastic to the point of hostility to staff who try to cope with their childcare responsibilities.

The answer must be both improved statutory rights and stronger union organisation to enforce those rights in the workplace (rather than the courts or tribunals). The present right “to make a request” is one of the more pointless rights we have…

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Louisefeminista said...

"It cites a survey of 122 recruitment agencies that revealed more than 70% of them had been asked by clients to avoid hiring pregnant women or those of childbearing age". (from the BBC report).

Well, I am of childbearing age so that means kissing goodbye to a potential job 'cos I might get knocked up!

Haven't they heard of the Sex Discrimination Act. Are we going back to times when if a woman changed her marital status i.e. got married she would have to give up her job to a single woman.

And there's also these bloody attacks on loan parents (many are women) by New Labour.

I have heard of women who have gone off on maternity leave and have been told once they come back they have to start at the bottom. This wouldn't happen to men. It kinda makes me very angry!

Oh and what's laughable is that it is the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All....