Sunday, February 04, 2007

The scandal in the papers and the real scandal

I read it at Dave’s Part rather than in the News of the World but I still learned that one school of thought is that there could be charges in the “cash for honours” inquiry. Another view, in the Observer, seems to emanate from Downing Street and is that the police inquiry is unnecessarily prolonged.

For once I can see the Blairite point of view. This is a bit of a sideshow. The real scandal is the wholesale privatisation of health, of housing, of education – and the hijacking of the party of the left by advocates of right wing policies.

Compared with all this damage to our Party and our movement the suggestion that the Government might flog off the odd peerage seems pretty small beer.

I can’t help feeling it must be time for the trade unions to punch our weight with the New Labour Government. Some of our fellow trade unions seem to have the right idea. We need more politicians who will support our unions.

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