Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taking the Michael...?

Just when it looked as if we might be able to get a principled and consistent socialist candidate who supports trade union policies onto the ballot paper in the Labour leadership election – this happens!

I remember voting for Michael Meacher once before – more than twenty years ago, but he simply fails to excite or enthuse me as a standard bearer for the left. I hope he thinks again – and backs UNISON member John McDonnell the socialist candidate for Labour Leader.

John's campaign offers a way to put union priorities firmly on the political agenda - which is why I think it is important that all trade unionists get involved in the campaign and the debate which it can inspire.

Update on Thursday evening – this was as predictable as it is sad! However with one of only two MPs who accompanied Michael Meacher at his campaign launch announcing that he won’t vote for him you do have to hope that he will see sense and stand aside.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. "9 homes", voted for the war, suddenly found his conscience once he was sacked by Blair, etc etc!