Tuesday, March 27, 2007

4 April - picket in support of Zimbabwean trade unionists

Zimbabwe has joined the shameful roll call of nations in which it simply isn’t safe to be a trade unionist (although I guess Colombia will take a lot of shifting from the top spot on that list…)

I shan’t be in London next Wednesday (4 April) so won’t be able to join the picket of the Zimbabwe Embassy that lunchtime supported by the TUC – check out the details here and get along if you can!

The TUC are also asking us to cut and paste the following message;

I am outraged by the violent assault on the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) offices and workers. The opportunity to peacefully demonstrate, associate and campaign is a fundamental human right and the raid on the offices, in which literature was seized, is a basic infringement of this right. The people of Zimbabwe are entitled to demonstrate for workers rights and democracy and therefore such a blatant attempt by the Zimbabwean government to quash a member-based organisation like the ZCTU is deplorable. Workers should not be treated or intimidated in this way. The international community that supports democracy and human rights stands firmly alongside all the innocent victims of this struggle and all who have suffered at the hands of the Mugabe regime. Please pass on my deep disgust with the present treatment of workers and activists to the Zimbabwean government. We demand that they start adhering to these basic rights.

Then send it to the link you get by clicking here (which comes from the Zimbabwe Embassy home page).

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johninnit said...

Well, it looks like it must be working - the site has disabled the contact script on the link you mentioned, so they're stopping any more messages getting in. If anyone else is trying, maybe have a go at zimlondon@yahoo.co.uk (which I believe is the Zimbabwean Embassy in London's email address). Unless they got fed up with the mails & plugged that too!