Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Support Fremantle workers!

It seems only yesterday that I blogged here about signing the ETUC petition in support of public services and mentioned that we needed to do more than petitioning and lobbying.

Well yesterday evening Barnet UNISON circulated the latest information about the dispute between Fremantle, the outfit who run care homes in that borough, and UNISON and the GMB, representing the staff.

This “not for profit” “third sector” provider is about to sack any staff who won’t accept cuts in pay and conditions. This is the reality of New Labour policies for our public services.

The unions are balloting for strike action. The strike action would have commenced but for a legal challenge from the employer under the anti-union laws.

UNISON member and Labour leadership contender John McDonnell has put down an Early Day Motion in Parliament in their support – contact your MP to see that they sign!

And keep checking the excellent Barnet UNISON blog to be kept up to date with this important dispute. Blogging is useful only insofar as it helps us to undertake worthwhile activity for our unions and our beliefs.

I sometimes post stories about political disagreements and disputes within the union and labour movement (and these are not unimportant) – but it is most important not to lose our focus as socialists and trade unionists.

Our enemies are not each other (not even those who themselves seem to lose sight of this). Our enemies are bad employers who attack our members’ conditions and politicians who allow these scoundrels to run our public services in the first place.

I hope everyone reading this blog – and every trade unionist blogger – will publicise this important dispute and take some action to support the Fremantle workers.

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Bill said...

Absolutely, this is another case which should wake some within the trade union movement out of their slumber

I notice 14 MPs have already signed John's EDM, and that Trade Unionists 4 John have already blogged it